ScroogeXHTML for Object Pascal 8.1
TEmbeddedPicture Class Reference

Embedded picture. More...

Inherits TObject.

Public Member Functions

 setData (const TStream AStream)
 For conversion: overwrite data with stream.
TBytesStream Stream ()
 Picture data as bytes stream.
Cardinal getHResult ()
Cardinal getWResult ()
string getPictureHTML ()
 HTML code (img tag).
string Mediatype ()
 Returns the media type.
 complete ()
 Picture has been read completely from RTF.
 write (const Byte s)
 Write a Byte from RTF picture data.

Public Attributes

Boolean IsDataURI
TMappingMode MappingMode
TPictureSource PictureFormat
string PictureUrl
Cardinal ScaleX
Cardinal ScaleY
Cardinal WGoalPx
Cardinal HGoalPx
Cardinal OriginalWidth
Cardinal OriginalHeight
Cardinal HGoalTwips
Cardinal WGoalTwips
Boolean Visible

Detailed Description

Embedded picture.

Member Data Documentation

◆ HGoalPx

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::HGoalPx
See also
GetHGoalPx For reading

◆ HGoalTwips

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::HGoalTwips
See also
FHGoalTwips For reading
FHGoalTwips For writing

◆ IsDataURI

Boolean TEmbeddedPicture::IsDataURI
See also
GetIsDataURI For reading

◆ MappingMode

TMappingMode TEmbeddedPicture::MappingMode
See also
FMappingMode For reading
FMappingMode For writing

◆ OriginalHeight

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::OriginalHeight
See also
FOriginalHeight For reading
FOriginalHeight For writing

◆ OriginalWidth

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::OriginalWidth
See also
FOriginalWidth For reading
FOriginalWidth For writing

◆ PictureFormat

TPictureSource TEmbeddedPicture::PictureFormat
See also
FPictureFormat For reading
FPictureFormat For writing

◆ PictureUrl

string TEmbeddedPicture::PictureUrl
See also
FPictureUrl For reading
FPictureUrl For writing

◆ ScaleX

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::ScaleX
See also
FScaleX For reading
FScaleX For writing

◆ ScaleY

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::ScaleY
See also
FScaleY For reading
FScaleY For writing

◆ Visible

Boolean TEmbeddedPicture::Visible
See also
FVisible For reading

◆ WGoalPx

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::WGoalPx
See also
GetWGoalPx For reading

◆ WGoalTwips

Cardinal TEmbeddedPicture::WGoalTwips
See also
FWGoalTwips For reading
FWGoalTwips For writing