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ScroogeXHTML is a library which can convert a subset of the RTF standard to XHTML and HTML.

It converts text attributes including background and highlight colors, paragraph attributes including alignment (left, right, centered, justified) and paragraph indent (left, right, first line) and simple numbered or unnumbered lists.

Unicode conversion allows multi-language documents, including simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

CSS and default font settings instead of in-place formatting help to create optimized documents.


The library supports a limited subset of the RTF standard. If you are unsure about support for a specific conversion feature, please contact us. Some of the document elements which will not be converted are:

  • Tables
  • Tabulators (a tab character will be replaced by a sequence of non breaking spaces)
  • Non-alphabetic characters in the "Symbol" font
  • Unicode font names, and font names which contain a semicolon

Embedded images

Basic support for the extraction of raw data of embedded images is included. Conversion of the binary data to a web-ready format (e.g., PNG or JPG) requires third-party libraries. Habarisoft can not give recommendations for specific graphic libraries.


With a throughput of up to several MB per second, ScroogeXHTML is one of the fastest solutions available.

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ScroogeXHTML for Delphi FAQ


On the library home page you will find a link to the download area for registered users. The credentials (user name and password) will be sent to you when a new release is available.
A trial version download is not available. To check if the library meets your requirements, you can try the on-line demo or purchase a Single Developer license, which includes a 14 days full money back guarantee. This allows to test the full version of the library without any risk. The reseller (ShareIt) will give a full refund if you find that the library does not work as expected.


Yes, each developer that uses our products must have their own license.
No, the licenses are perpetual. However, you will be using the last product version released before your free upgrade period expired.

Distribution Questions

No, the source code is not redistributable, even if you change it.

Picture Support

No, the library does not convert embedded pictures. It extracts binary picture data from the RTF document. The picture data may be in WMF, JPEG, or other formats.

More questions and answers are included in the Getting Started document (PDF).

Customer Stories

"This is an excellent unique product that has saved us many hours of work. It is simple to use with lots of documentation."

Stewart Spink, Technical Director, Watermark Technologies Limited

"Scrooge has really helped me out! I'm converting a database of 10,000 questions in RTF into HTML, Scrooge has been invaluable!"


" It works great and it is stunningly fast - on production, converting 115.000 documents takes 25 seconds instead of 9 hours."

R.S., Germany

"We are very, very glad with this Component"

M.R., Germany