What's New
New Tested with current broker versions ActiveMQ 5.14.3, Artemis 1.5.1 and RabbitMQ 3.6.6
New Added SetBoolean / GetBoolean methods to the MapMessage interface
New Added JMS MapMessage and ObjectMesssage demo (ActiveMQ)
New Added example for auto-delete and priority in Getting Started PDF (RabbitMQ)
New Added an exception when client ack is used on consumer of a temporary queue (RabbitMQ)
New Added BTConnectionConst unit for connection URL parameter constants
New Added logging of inbound STOMP message body whith HABARI_RAW_TRACE_BODY
New Added removal of destination URL parameters in a SEND frame
Fixed Replaced TBTJMSConnection usage with TBTConnection
Fixed Fixed a ompilation error with OmniXML by Kluug.net
Fixed Removed lkJSON from distribution
Fixed Removed direct Log4D dependencies (for logging, the library uses SLF4P exclusively)
Fixed Removed Log4D from distribution
Fixed Removed deprecated TBTJMSConnectionFactory
Fixed Removed objectpool from distribution
Fixed Removed HABARI_USE_SLF4P_LOGGING conditional symbol
Known Issues
Unresolved A Free Pascal 3.0.0 bug in LocalTimeToUniversal causes wrong message expiration timestamp values (bug report)
Unresolved A workaround is still required for the Synapse communication adapter when used with RabbitMQ 3.5.4 and newer. To enable it, define the HABARI_RABBITMQ_354_UP conditional symbol. Note: programs which define this symbol are not compatible with older versions of RabbitMQ. (blog article)