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Habari Client for HornetQ is a library for Delphi and Free Pascal which provides access to the HornetQ free open source message broker.

About the HornetQ open source message broker

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HornetQ is an open source project from the JBoss Community to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system.


The HornetQ open source project is now considered a legacy project

The HornetQ code base was donated to the Apache ActiveMQ community late last year and now resides as a sub project under the ActiveMQ umbrella named 'Artemis'. Since the code donation, the developers have been working tirelessly to get an initial release of Artemis out the door; to allow folks to give it a whirl and to finalise the donation process. With the release of Apache Artemis 1.0.0, that process has come to a close and the code donation has now been completed. http://hornetq.blogspot.de/2015/06/hornetq-apache-donation-and-apache.html
The HornetQ open source project is now considered a legacy project and the code is no longer maintained as the open source project HornetQ. http://activemq.apache.org/apache-activemq-board-report-201504-april.html

Habari Client for Artemis new

For new projects which must be compatible with HornetQ 2.3/2.4, please consider using Habari Client for Artemis.

Demo applications

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01 October 2016
Tested with
Chat, Performance test, Throughput test

A local installation of a message broker is required for Habari Client for HornetQ demo applications

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Habari Client for HornetQ

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Code Example

Code for sending (producing) messages:

// Getting connection from the server and starting it

ConnectionFactory := TBTConnectionFactory.Create;
Connection := ConnectionFactory.CreateConnection;

// Messages are sent and received using a Session. We will
// create here a non-transactional session object. If you want
// to use transactions you should set the first parameter to 'true'

Session := Connection.CreateSession(False, amAutoAcknowledge);

// Destination represents here our queue 'ExampleQueue' on the
// server. You don't have to do anything special on the
// server to create it, it will be created automatically (except with Artemis and HornetQ).

Destination := Session.CreateQueue('ExampleQueue');

// MessageProducer is used for sending messages (as opposed
// to MessageConsumer which is used for receiving them)

MessageProducer := Session.CreateProducer(Destination);                
// We will send a small text message saying 'My hovercraft is full of eels' in Swahili:

TextMessage := Session.CreateTextMessage("Gari langu linaloangama limejaa na mikunga");
// Here we are sending the message



Quick Facts

Technical Information


Habari Client libraries are compatible with

  • Delphi 2009 (32 bit) and newer
  • Free Pascal 2.6.4
TCP/IP Libraries

The library includes communication adapter units for the free open source libraries

  • Internet Direct (Indy) 10.6
  • Ararat Synapse rev. 40
Logging Support for the Log4D logging framework
Platforms Developed and tested on Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu 12.04


Bug reports Bugs can be reported at cases@habarisoft.com
Email support Basic support is included for one year