Daraja Framework  1.2
HTTP server framework for Object Pascal
TdjAbstractConnector Class Reference

Abstract connector. More...

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Public Member Functions

 TdjAbstractConnector (const IHandler Handler)
 Create a connector. More...
 ~TdjAbstractConnector ()
 DoStart ()
 Start the handler.
 DoStop ()
 Stop the handler.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TdjLifeCycle
 TdjLifeCycle ()
 Start ()
 Start the handler. More...
 Stop ()
 Stop the handler. More...
Boolean IsStarted ()
Boolean IsStopped ()

Public Attributes

string Host
Integer Port
- Public Attributes inherited from TdjLifeCycle
Boolean Started
 True if the state is "started". More...
Boolean Stopped
 True if the state is "stopped". More...

Protected Attributes

IHandler Handler
 Handler for incoming requests.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TdjLifeCycle
 DoStart ()
 Execute the custom start code.
 DoStop ()
 Execute the custom stop code.
 CheckStarted ()
 Raises an exception if the lifecycle is in "started" state.
 CheckStopped ()
 Raises an exception if the lifecycle is in "stopped" state.

Detailed Description

Abstract connector.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TdjAbstractConnector::TdjAbstractConnector ( const IHandler  Handler)

Create a connector.

The handler is a required argument. The connector will call the "Handle" method for incoming requests.

Handlerthe request handler

References DoStart(), DoStop(), Handler, TdjLifeCycle::IsStarted(), TdjLifeCycle::Stop(), and ~TdjAbstractConnector().

Member Data Documentation

string TdjAbstractConnector::Host
See also
GetHost For reading
SetHost For writing

Referenced by TdjServer::AddConnector(), and TdjHTTPConnector::DoStart().

Integer TdjAbstractConnector::Port
See also
GetPort For reading
SetPort For writing

Referenced by TdjHTTPConnector::DoStart().