Daraja Framework  1.2
HTTP server framework for Object Pascal
TdjAbstractConfig Class Reference

Generic configuration. More...

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Public Member Functions

 TdjAbstractConfig ()
 ~TdjAbstractConfig ()
 Add (const string Key, const string Value)
 Add a configuration parameter. More...
 SetContext (const IContext Context)
 Set the context. More...
string GetInitParameter (const string Key)
 Get init parameter.
TdjStrings GetInitParameterNames ()
 Get init parameter names.
IContext GetContext ()
 Get the context.

Protected Attributes

TdjInitParameters FParams
 Initialization parameters.
IContext FContext
 The context.

Detailed Description

Generic configuration.

Member Function Documentation

TdjAbstractConfig::Add ( const string  Key,
const string  Value 

Add a configuration parameter.


References FParams.

Referenced by TdjWebComponentHolder::TdjWebComponentHolder().

TdjAbstractConfig::SetContext ( const IContext  Context)

Set the context.

Contextthe context

References FContext.

Referenced by TdjContextHandler::TdjContextHandler(), and TdjWebComponentHolder::TdjWebComponentHolder().