Daraja Framework  1.1
HTTP server framework for Object Pascal
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CIConnectorIConnector interface
 CIContextContext interface
 CIContextConfigContext configuration interface
 CIHandlerIHandler interface
 CIHandlerContainerIHandlerContainer interface
 CILifeCycleBase exception
 CIWebComponentWeb Component interface
 CIWebComponentConfigWeb Component configuration interface
 CTdjAbstractConfigGeneric configuration
 CTdjAbstractConnectorAbstract connector
 CTdjAbstractHandlerContainerThis is the base class for handlers that may contain other handlers
 CTdjContextContext implementation
 CTdjContextConfigContext configuration
 CTdjContextHandlerContext handler
 CTdjContextHandlerCollectionMultiple contexts may have the same context path and they are called in order until one handles the request
 CTdjGenericHolderHolds a reference to a web component class and its instance
 CTdjGenericWebComponentDefines a generic Web Component
 CTdjHandlerCollectionA collection of handlers
 CTdjHandlerListIterates handler list and exits when the response code is set
 CTdjHandlerWrapperA HandlerWrapper acts as a IHandler but delegates the handle method and life cycle events to a delegate
 CTdjHTTPConnectorHTTP connector
 CTdjHTTPServerHTTP Server
 CTdjLifeCycleAbstract LifeCycle implementation
 CTdjPathMapHolds all known web component mappings for a context
 CTdjRequestHTTP request information
 CTdjResponseHTTP response information
 CTdjServerBasic server class for the Web Component framework
 CTdjServerBaseServer Base
 CTdjServerContextA subclass of the Indy context class is used for future extensions
 CTdjWebAppContextMain context handler class
 CTdjWebComponentA base class which can be subclassed to create a HTTP component for a Web site
 CTdjWebComponentConfigWeb Component configuration
 CTdjWebComponentContextHandlerContext Handler for Web Components
 CTdjWebComponentHandlerWeb Component handler
 CTdjWebComponentHolderHolds a WebComponent (class reference) and configuration info
 CTdjWebComponentMappingWeb Component Mapping