With Habari Client libraries, you can take advantage of message broker / message queue technology - which is distributed, loosely coupled, reliable and asynchronous - to build integrated systems, connected using peer-to-peer or publish-subscribe communication models

Supported free open source message brokers include Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Artemis, OpenMQ, and RabbitMQ

All Habari client library versions use the same high-level API and programming model and the STOMP:// wire format

  • Alerting and logging
  • Dynamically configuring and controlling software clusters
  • Delayed activity such as billing, order processing, provisioning, email generation...
  • Web and multi-platform chat applications
  • Distributed processing and load balancing
  • Client notification in multi-tiered applications
  • Integration with ISAPI, PHP, .NET, Python or Java™ based web applications
  • Integration with Java™ EE application servers using message-driven beans (MDB)

Note: Cross-language messaging requires language-specific client libraries. Please consult your message broker documentation for available options.

New Habari Client for ActiveMQ Artemis 1.0-RC1

Habarisoft announces the first release candidate of its new STOMP client library. Habari Client for Artemis is a library which provides access to the ActiveMQ Artemis free open source message broker.

Habari Client libraries release 2015.06

Major changes in this release include new and improved tests for temporary destinations, XPath, NACK, large messages, focused on ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ.

Firebird Database Events and Message-oriented Middleware

This article discusses some limitations of Firebird Database events and compare possible workarounds with a solution based on message-oriented middleware.

Feature Matrix

Habari Client Version Habari Client for ActiveMQ Habari Client for Artemis Habari Client for OpenMQ Habari Client for RabbitMQ
Message Types
TextMessage / BytesMessage ✓/✓ ✓/✓ ✓/✓ ✓/✓
ObjectMessage / MapMessage ✓/✓ ✓/✓ ✓/✓ ✓/✓
STOMP Features
1.0/1.2 Support ✓/✓ ✓/✓ ✓/① ✓/✓
Transacted Send
Transacted Ack
STOMP Extensions
Message Expiration
Message Priority #13
Persistent Messages
Temporary Queues
Durable Topics
Message Selector
Queue Browser
Rich message conversion
Advanced Features
Failover Protocol
DUnit Tests
FPCUnit Tests
Delphi 2009+
Free Pascal 2.6.4
Delphi 6 - 2007
TCP/IP Libraries
Internet Direct (Indy) 10.6
Ararat Synapse 40

① - not supported by message broker STOMP implementation

② - please contact Habarisoft or check the FAQ

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