Habari Web Components is a Delphi 2009+/FPC 2.6+ web application framework for small to medium size HTTP services, built on top of the popular open source TCP/IP library Internet Direct (Indy) 10.6 (license information)

See it in action: try the on-line demo, or download the off-line demos.

Need more information? Browse the online API documentation, or read the Getting Started document.

Changes in version 2.8
A new unit test project for the Free Pascal test framework FPCUnit is included.
Three step-by-step tutorials have been added to the "Getting Started" PDF, full tutorial project code is included.
jQuery Mobile
Updated Flightplan (jQuery Mobile) demo application. The project uses the latest stable version (1.4.2) of jQuery Mobile.
The library now checks if the context path contains invalid characters. It also verifies that path mappings either use an absolute, a prefix, or a suffix mapping. If a validation fails, the library will raise a EWebComponentException.
Free Pascal
A bug has been fixed which caused a SIGSEGV in some FPCUnit tests.
Quick Facts
The light-weight architecture of the Habari Web Components framework makes it easy to use - without any package installation.
Web components are stateless by default, but context-wide and dynamic on-demand creation of HTTP sessions are supported.
Web Components can be mapped dynamically to URI patterns using absolute paths, or prefix/suffix mappings.
Web Components can be organized in logically separated scopes on the same server, using context base paths.
HTTP 1.1 and Caching
The HTTP connector uses HTTP 1.1 keep-alive and Indy SmartFileServe to reduce network traffic.

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Current version:
Release date:
02 May 2014
Tested with:
Indy 10.6, Free Pascal 2.6.2
Release notes:
FPCUnit tests, Tutorials, context path and resource mapping validations, Free Pascal fixes
Included - also available for download here

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Habari Web Components demo

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Habari Web Components API documentation

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Use Habari Web Components with jQuery Mobile to to build web apps for mobile devices. A demo application (Flightplan) is included with source code.

Please note: the Habari Web Components library does not contain specific support code for jQuery Mobile. The demo project source contains plain HTML code which uses jQuery Mobile CSS and JavaScript.

Habari Web Components with jQuery mobile

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DUnit tests for the Habari Web Components core library are included with full source code.

The library is DUnit tested with Delphi 2009 and verified for zero memory leaks.

Habari Web Components DUnit tests

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FPCUnit tests for the Habari Web Components core library are included with full source code.

The library is FPCUnit tested with Lazarus 1.2 and verified for zero memory leaks.

Habari Web Components FPCUnit tests

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